Kawasmi Trading & Land Transportion Co.
Chairman's Message

With over 70 years’ experience, we take pride in our level of  innovation, integrity and unrivalled services with outstanding results.  Our values are inherited from our founder Mr. Ishaq Kawasmi whose ambition and entrepreneurship have shaped our company and made us what we are today.

Since our journey began, we have come a long way in continually investing in our people and ensuring that our transport solutions are the most efficient and reliable.  This combination is the core of our success and we continue to strive to innovate and invest to raise the quality of our services.

As Chairman of KTLT, it is my duty to direct and keep the company in line with both our mission and vision.   Our main objective is to meet our customer requirements and provide tailor made solutions with the highest levels of excellence.  Moreover, we strive each day to remain abreast with the latest advances in our field giving us a competitive edge and ensuring our ongoing success. 

At KTLT, we recognize that each customer is unique and has different requirements.  We believe that delivering customer satisfaction is about providing timely, responsive services with passion and integrity.  By always committing to excellence, you can Rest Assured that we can provide the most streamlined transportation solutions that will exceed your expectations. 


Mr. Mohammad Kawasmi 

Phone: +962 6 4027942

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Fax : + 962 6 4027941

Email : info@kawasmi.com

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